An Introduction to GridDuck

GridDuck uses Internet of Things (IoT) hardware to offer the world’s first wireless cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS)

Aimed primary at building management (a BEMS), GridDuck allows for quick, non-disruptive and cost-effective installation of wireless monitoring and control hardware. The system gives you, your clients and your on-site staff real time access to your electricity consumption data and the ability to intelligent switch things on and off.

GridDuck is designed for retrofit of small and medium sized sites, and is designed explicitly to allow you to, in real-time, manage large portfolios of sites distributed across the country and the world.

GridDuck enables complete monitoring and control of your appliances

Delivering ESOS compliance and savings at scale

By using wireless hardware with state-of-the-art online cloud infrastructure and an intuitive online dashboard, GridDuck makes it easy to monitor your consumption across the world for ESOS compliance.

From there you can then implement savings by utilising simple scheduling, using our advanced Application Programming Interface (API) integration into your own management systems, or by sharing roles and permissions with dedicated energy savings consultants.

By intelligently sharing permissions you can also begin to reap the benefits of the Smart Grid — realising additional revenue by connecting your energy portfolio to national and local balancing schemes, such as demand response.

With the advent of the smart meter roll-out, it’s also more and more beneficial to be able to implement red-band avoidance to cut your energy consumption when prices are at their highest.

GridDuck's Technology

GridDuck has a state-of-the-art dashboard allowing full monitoring and control from anywhere in the world

GridDuck utilises IoT hardware designed for electricity monitoring and control to gather per-second per-watt measurement of your electricity consumption. The hardware is also capable of switching appliances on and off with sub-second response times.

We have developed a state-of-the-art online dashboard which enables you to at-a-glance view the status of a site anywhere in the world and to analyse its current and historical energy consumption patterns.

The dashboard can be used to switch the state of assets, to implement intelligent schedules, and to instantaneously override by boosting and snoozing these assets from their schedule settings.

GridDuck utilises a wide variety of wireless IoT hardware for both monitoring and control of your energy

Our API allows you to integrate GridDuck with your own systems, so that you can build out from the functionality to specifically accommodate your own specific needs and requirements.

The sophisticated collaborative system makes it easy to share permissions between organisations, so that your staff directly on a site can make boost and snooze changes, your central office can analyse and administrate and you can share data and permissions with consultants who specialise in making the best savings possible.

What’s more, you can integrate interruptible appliances, such as HVAC systems and batteries with national and regional balancing organisations, such as electricity aggregators, utilities and the national grid. By taking part in demand-side response (DSR) programs simple costly appliances become electrical assets with which you earn revenue from the smart grid.