Cloud-based energy management to
your clients' consumption

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GridDuck enables a wide range of energy management solutions


Analyse your clients' energy consumption asset-by-asset and in aggregate.

Remote switching

Switch off your clients' assets in an instant from anywhere in the world.


Set the precise times at which your clients' assets switch on and off.

Wireless installation

Quickly and cheaply install GridDuck wireless hardware site-wide, cable free.

Demand-side response

Implement the newest demand-side response schemes, including frequency response.

Local load balancing

Prevent local demand spikes by switching assets off as others turn on.

Case study

Petrol station in Oldham

GridDuck was engaged by the energy consultancy that specialises in petrol stations. Previously they could only monitor consumption without the ability to automate their recommendations.

They installed GridDuck on the site in Oldham as illustrated below:

Using time-switching the petrol station has saved 40% of their monthly hot water heating bill.

The consultancy is now exploring earning additional payments from the National Grid’s frequency demand response services.

The petrol station has gained greater insights into their customers’ behaviour by studying the energy consumption of the coffee machine.

Wireless hardware

All of GridDuck’s hardware is equipped with wireless connectivity and is remote-controllable via the gateway.

GridDuck Gateway

Collects instantaneous demand and consumption data and executes real time remote control, scheduling and demand-side response.

16A & 30A DIN Relays

Standard DIN rail mounted relay in consumer unit/distribution box.

3-Phase DIN Relay

Standard DIN rail mounted relay in consumer unit/distribution box with three-phase supply. Arbitrarily high loads can be switched when paired with a sufficiently large contactor.

Temperature / Humidity Sensor

Monitors temperature and humidity levels in buildings.


Can be spliced into a standard power cable.

UK Smart Plug

Can be placed into a standard UK plug socket.


An easy to use interface to analyse consumption and manage usage

Live demo


An open and secure RESTful API enabling full integration with your systems

GET /asset/{asset_id}/metrics/{start}/{end}/{granularity}

Retrieve an asset's historic consumption data. Returns the aggregate consumption in kWh over a given time period with a given granularity.

PUT /asset/{asset_id}/state

Modify an asset's user state. Set the state of an asset to one of [ALWAYS_ON, ALWAYS_OFF, INTERRUPTIBLE,NON_INTERRUPTIBLE].

POST /timeswitch

Create a new timeswitch rule. Configure associated assets' or groups' behaviour during certain hours to be one of [OFF,ALWAYS_ON,INTERRUPTIBLE].

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